Australian Army Aviation regiment aircraft

Current AAAvn Rgt aircraft also use a three tone colour pallet however it can vary from aircraft type except for the new CH-47F Chinook.   S-70A-9 Blackhawk, OH-58A Kiowa and MRH-90 Taipan use Tan, Medium Green and Black scheme.    Tiger ARH-1 uses Tan, Black and a light green (Closest Green is FS34159 SAC Bomber Green).  CH-47F Chinook uses FS34201 (SAC Bomber Tan).  Older CH-47D used FS34031.

Dark Tan is FS30219 (Testors 1742/Tamiya XF-52)
Medium Green is FS34102 (Testors 1713/Tamiya XF-67)
Flat Black is FS37038 (Testors 1749/Tamiya XF-1) 
Light Green for TIGER ARH-1 is FS34159 (Testors1993/Tamiya XF-73 + 25% XF-2 white)
Tan for CH-47F Chinook is FS34201 (Testors 1992/Tamiya XF-60 + 10% XF-67)
Helo Drab for CH-47D is FS34031 (Testors 2024/Tamiya XF-77)