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Where to Buy Quality Model Supplies in Brisbane

You can source quality model supplies in Brisbane from our extensive collection of kits, glue, tools, paint and accessories. Whether you have a background in the defence force, a rich love of history or enjoy constructing things with your hands, we have a range of model kits to suit various skill levels and interests including military vehicles, planes, ships and more.

A Short Buyers Guide to Model Kits in Brisbane

When it comes to model kits, here are the main things you should know.

  • Assembly is required: A plastic model is made from preformed pieces which you assemble to construct a representation of the actual subject. There is a wide range of models you can select, including military vehicles, ships, planes and cars. You can choose a kit to suit your skill level ranging from simple models that snap together through to advanced, which requires tools and adhesives.

  • Scale and size: Model kits come in numerous size scales from 1:10 to 1:2500. This number indicates how small the model is compared to the original size of the subject. Most categories have a common scale, for example, military models are usually 1:35 or 1:48, which are manageable for the average person to assemble and display. If you are building a collection, we recommend selecting models with the same scale, so you have a consistent display.

  • Tools and accessories: Depending on the skill level of your model, you may need to source some glue and tools to complete the display. The kit will indicate what’s included in the box; for example, military emblems and insignia are commonly included as decals. You should source other accessories from a model kit supplier to ensure that your paint and glue adhere to the plastic. 


Modelling Classes

We have been asked to hold classes on a variety of techniques. Sign up to go on the waiting list for classes here!


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What You Can Expect from New England Models and Hobbies Regarding Model Kits in Brisbane

We provide excellent customer service, which includes:

  • High-quality supplies: We supply premium quality kits, paints, adhesive and tools that will make your building experience enjoyable.
  • Various types of kits: Whether you are a professional model builder expanding your collection or a beginner, we have a range of models to suit different skill levels. We have an extensive range that includes more challenging models such as military aeroplanes, ships and vehicles as well as educational models that are ideal for teaching purposes and kids’ assembly.
  • Knowledgeable team: Our team of model enthusiasts are highly knowledgeable about numerous military colours and camouflage schemes. We can provide insight into the accuracy and correctness of various models from different eras and squadrons.

About New England Models and Hobbies

We have more than 20 years of experience working in the model supplies industry and extensive knowledge of various kits and accessories. We supply the highest quality models that our enthusiast team would build themselves and recommend to others. Our kit selection is ideal for beginners and advanced skills, so you are sure to discover a model that suits your interest. If you want something specific, our experienced and knowledgeable team can source it for you.

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