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Fall Back in Love with Your Hobby, Try Our Battleship Model Kits

Do you have a hobby of battleship model kits, submarine model kits or other war and defence modelling projects? Whether you’ve been keeping up with this hobby consistently for years now or let it fall dormant somewhere along the way, New England Models and Hobbies is here to help you find a new level of love and appreciation for your old hobby. Even if you’ve never built a model before, we think you’ll fall in love with the meticulous process again, when you buy one of our high-quality and historically accurate kits.

What Sets New England Models and Hobbies Apart Regarding Battleship Model Kits

We aren’t the only business that sells plane or boat models in Australia, but we believe that we offer several value propositions that set us apart from our competitors. Here are a few reasons to choose New England Models and Hobbies as your source for helicopter model kits or model ship parts:

  • Our background. Long before we opened a business dedicated to defence models, our owner, Russ, was adopting model-making as his hobby. Somewhere along the line, Russ’s love for models transcended leisure pursuit and became both his profession and his art. He is a skilled master whose models have been seen in the offices of sitting presidents, prime ministers, defence industry leaders and other notable folks around the world. The same care and attention to detail he brings to model making drives our model supplies business and is one of our core selling points. We only carry products that Russ uses daily or can recommend from his own model making. So, when you buy aircraft carrier model kits from us, you can take confidence in knowing that they come with the endorsement of a master model maker.
  • Our accuracy. When he builds a model, Russ pays close attention to crafting something that not only looks great but which also reflects the defence vehicle in question in a historically accurate fashion. As such, historical correctness is top-of-mind for us when we choose which kits to stock. We can also provide customers with advice on which colours to choose when painting camouflage schemes, which decals are correct for different squadrons and eras, and much more. We know that most customers shopping with us for, say, Bismarck model kits will want a finished product that has fidelity to the original German battleship. We go out of our way to provide that accuracy.
  • Our commitment to quality. Historical accuracy only goes so far if you are working with flimsy parts or low-quality paints. We observe a commitment to product quality in everything we do. We know which model kit brands are better than others and go out of our way to stock those brands only. In some cases, that pursuit of excellence means that we end up being the only retailer in Australia, supplying a specific kit or brand. In other cases, it means that we manufacture the parts or kits ourselves to make sure our customers are getting something worth their money. No matter the situation, you can trust that the U-boat model kits or model ship parts we sell are among the very best available, anywhere.


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    Signs You Should Invest in Model Warship Parts (Or Other Defence Model Kits) 

    Is model building the right hobby for you? We’ve found that our customers come to defence models for many different reasons. Here are a few signs that you might find a lot to love by exploring our collection of models:

    • You want to honour a loved one who drove, flew or sailed in past wars. A richly detailed, historically accurate model of a defence vehicle, battleship or aircraft can be a fantastic gift for a someone who drove, flew or sailed that vehicle in a past war. It can also be an excellent way to remember them and honour their memory if they have since passed away.
    • You want to revisit memories that you have of military service. We’ve found that our models are also popular among veterans themselves. Getting to build a battleship with our model warship parts can be a way for a veteran to reflect on their time in service or to remember their fellow servicemen and women. In some cases, defence model building can even be an ideal way for veterans who have PTSD to address their anxiety or trauma by revisiting those memories safely and healthily.
    • You’re looking for something fun to do with your kids. Whether you’ve served in the military or not, our vehicle, aircraft and boats model kits can offer something fun for you to do with your kids. Completing projects with your children is a way of bonding with them, and the accuracy of our models presents a unique opportunity to teach your kids about the past.

    Perhaps you are looking for the challenge of building something beautiful and impressive with your hands. Maybe you’re seeking a way to create tangible objects that honour the past and give you a chance to pass those memories and lessons onto the next generation. In either case, we think the process of building model submarines or model warship hulls will prove highly fulfilling for you. Start exploring our collection of model kits today and find one that speaks to you and your experiences!

      Why Trust New England Models and Hobbies with Battleship Model Kits

      From battleship model kits to warplane kits and beyond, you can count on New England Models and Hobbies for all your war and military-related modelling needs. You can trust in our experience, our knowledge of the subject and our experience in crafting world-class models ourselves as signs that you are going to get a product that will be enjoyable to build and that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, you can count on us to treat our customers with the same ethics and integrity we would want to receive in any situation.

      Contact us today to learn more about our models or to get advice on which kit might be a good fit for you.