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We Sell Exceptional Materials and Accurate Parts for Aircraft Models in Australia

We have in-depth knowledge of aircraft models in Australia. Purchase your top-class, distinctively Australian, endorsed supplies online and from our Uralla, NSW store.

What is the Purpose of Aircraft Model Kits?

There are many ways to remember or honour the past, our contributions, and the roles played by those who went before us. We believe that building models of the military vehicles driven, the ‘planes flown, and the ships sailed in past wars is one way.

  • Some armed services members and veterans with PTSD seem to respond positively when building models of vessels they operated during traumatic experiences. Symptoms such as emotional numbing and avoidance can be addressed via art therapy, during which inner psychological experiences are externalised non-verbally and expressed safely.
  • We could regard the assembling of fighter jet model kits as a form of “art therapy” that may bring back negative memories and emotions that the active member or veteran can attempt to manage while focusing on creating a concrete reminder of the past—thus channelling these feelings into a creative expression to hand down to subsequent generations.
  • Bond with and help your kids to develop their fine motor skills, discover how to follow plans and instructions, cultivate patience, and generate feelings of pride once they’ve completed the last detail of a well-executed facsimile using our aircraft model supplies.
  • People find great pleasure in hand-crafting objects that can be seen and appreciated. When the item represents your own or your forebears’ history, it adds special meaning.

We mainly provide top-quality cast resin parts, materials, kits, and supplies that have been tried and tested, and recommended by Russ French − our accomplished product selection advisor and master model-builder.


Modelling Classes

We have been asked to hold classes on a variety of techniques. Sign up to go on the waiting list for classes here!


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What Sets New England Models and Hobbies Apart Regarding Aircraft Model Paints?

Our models are accurate to the finest detail. You can buy the exact colours for Australian, foreign, and camouflage vehicles, in addition to the right aircraft model decals for every squadron and era.

  • We’re the only Australian suppliers of several products. We manufacture many supplies ourselves or have the goods constructed for us. We provide excellent products because of our model-making experience, which enables us to add value to our kits by incorporating the exact historical and present-day decals for the ships, vehicles, and aircraft used by the Australian Defence Force.
  • Take a look at our range of Tamiya Acrylics and Testors Model Masters Enamel. You can find the perfect Testors Model Master Federal Standard military colours in our online store, in addition to bright hues and metallics in the car and truck range. You can also buy our best sellers in 85-gram spray cans.
  • Examples of what you can order from us include the HobbyBoss F/A-18A Hornet (1:48 scale), the F-4E Phantom II/Early Production (1:32) - Tamiya, and the Mirage III E/R (1:32) - Italeri – among others. These all come with Aussie decals. We also have Aussie decals available for the Hawker Sea Fury FBII (1:48).

We send our glues and paints via road transport only. You can make use of PayPal, Afterpay − which offers four fortnightly interest-free payments − and Laybuy − that proffers six interest-free weekly payments.

Why You Should Buy From New England Models and Hobbies

We offer detailed to-scale model kits, and you can order your tools, metal, wood, and mouldings directly from us. The offices and reception areas of military and maritime museums, global defence companies, and world leaders exhibit many of our models.

Contact us, and we will source your requirements if you can’t find it in our online store.