Australian Navy Vessels and Aircraft

Current colour scheme for Royal Australian Navy vessels is RAN Haze Grey for ships hulls and superstructures with Dark Grey Decks.  This colour was adopted in 2016 to replace the older AS2700 N42 Storm Grey.  The deck colour varies from unit to unit however for ease it can be assumed the colour is AS2700 N63 Pewter Grey with a darker grey walkway area is contained within the boundaries of the Pewter Grey.

RAN Haze Grey is FS36270 (Testors 1725/Tamiya XF-19)
Pewter Grey is AS2700 N63 (Testors 1728/Tamiya XF-53)
Deck Grey Walkways/Flight decks (Testors 1723/ Tamiya XF-24)
Pre 2016 RAN AS2700 N42 Storm Grey (Tamiya XF25 + 50% XF-12)