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Buy Unique Model Kits in Australia

Buying model kits in Australia for your kids, or are you the one who enjoys building model planes and ships? We have a passion for building models, and you won’t find our uniquely made items and advice anywhere else.

What to Expect from Defence Model Supplies Regarding Model Kits

People start building models as a hobby for many reasons. A keen interest in the Air Force, aircraft or a specific era and models, or nostalgia of their grandpa having flown a bomber or a fighter plane in WWII are only some of them. Whatever your reason, we have all accessories and more when you’re looking to buy model kits online.

  • Passion. When you buy models from us, you will get our years of experience building models as well. We know which products are the best to use and we only sell those to you.
  • Options. We have a physical store in Uralla, where you can view the models, and we can also advise you on what will work best to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can also shop from our online store with easy to navigate categories so you can easily find what you need.
  • Extras. You will find all the paints and tools you need for completing your model to give it a professional look and reproduce the real thing.

We love reliving our experience in the Defence Force through the models and our in-depth knowledge about the details, and the colours of the aircraft and other models are a bonus when you buy model kits and wish to create an authentic replica of your favourite craft.

Other Products we Provide to Model Kits

You will always get the best service and products when you buy model kits from us, as we know which kits are better quality, are easy to assemble and which brands we prefer after 20 years of building models. We also offer accessories that you will need once your model is complete:

  • Brushes and paint. The first things you will need after you have completed your model would be brushes and paint. We stock a variety of brush sizes you will need for the extra fine paintwork.
  • Crafting knives. For precision work and to satisfy any OCD tendencies, you would want to cut off any excess fragments or pieces of the model that are out of place. We offer cutting mats, tools and knives for a precision finish.
  • Parts: We stock extra parts for the ships and aeroplanes in case you lose them or wish to personalise your models further. These include deck hatches, domes, hull parts and LED nano lights.

Whether you buy model kits to spend time with your kids or develop their fine motor skills, we would love to assist you and share our knowledge and passion for models with you.

About Defence Model Supplies

Our husband and wife owners both served in the Defence force, and they know their models and specs. Their passion for models led them to discover that building these models can take you back down memory lane and has even proven to help soldiers with PTSD. We offer secure AfterPay options so you can immediately start building while you pay off your purchase.

Contact us if you have any questions or need advice.