Yes, we can send you paint via the post!* You will find a great range of Tamiya Acrylics and the locally (Australian) made range of SMS airbrush ready and brushable paints.

As well as the genuinely Aussie made Acrylic Lacquers from SMS for airbrushing, we also have their new paint brushing colours! Check out the SMS range by selecting Acrylic Lacquer, or searching for SMS.

We also still have some of the discontinued Testors Model Masters paints available, which you can find on our Testors page.

* IMPORTANT FOR SHIPPING:   All paints and glues are sent via Road Transport only.  Express or Air Post is not available. Therefore we cannot sell these outside of Australia.

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Model Paints Australia

Model Paints Australia | Defence Model Supplies

Find the Right Model Paints in Australia for Your Kit

If you’re looking to have more fun with your model kit, the possibilities are endless with our model paints in Australia. You can paint your aircraft pink with polka dots, or you can work meticulously to get it exactly right as a replica of the real thing. No matter what you prefer, or what your mission may be, we have professional model paints available for you in a range of colours.

Knowing the right colours of aircraft and having served in the Defence Force, our owner and his wife share a passion for models and have been building them for more than 20 years. Now, who would you rather trust to advise you on the type of model kits, brands and tools to use, than an avid model kit enthusiast?

Tips for When You Buy Model Paints Online

There are different paints available for different models, and acrylic and enamel paint won't work equally well on all models. It’s important to know which material your kit is made of to buy the correct paint for the job. We only sell paints and products that we feel confident in using and that are of high quality. We love to share our knowledge and can advise you on the best when you need to buy model paints.

  • Acrylic: When you think of painting, your first thought might be to opt for acrylic. It’s usually readily available, affordable and not a mess to clean up. Do consider where you’ll display your model and how often you’ll handle it before buying model acrylic paint. It won't last and will require a specific sealer to protect it from oily hands. It also works best on porous material such as wood.
  • Enamel: Model enamel paint is an oil-based paint that will leave you with a more durable finish. You will need to add thinners to the paint to soften the texture before painting. Be careful of inhaling fumes when you use enamel and also wear gloves to protect yourself. Enamel is the slow and steady option, but the patience in waiting for it to dry will pay off in the form of no visible brush strokes and a smoother finish.
  • Spray paint: We offer a variety of spray paints as well as the equipment you will need for your models. Firstly you want to start with a primer and rub it off to provide a smooth surface and ensure proper adherence. The first layer of spray paint is just your base for the subsequent coats. Spray two or three layers after that and leave enough time for drying between coats to avoid uneven blotches.
You have taken much time to build your perfect model meticulously. A bad paint job or the wrong choice in paint can make your model look tacky and detract from its uniqueness.

What Sets Us Apart When You Buy Model Paints

We only stock and sell paint that we have faith in and that we have used on our models. We can guide you in the right direction if you let us know which material you are working with and which colours and method of painting you wish to use.

  • Knowledge: If you’re starting with model kits now, and you have no knowledge of what to buy and which model kits would be best for beginners, you need a knowledgeable shop owner with a passion for model building and the experience to guide you.
  • Tested products: Twenty years is a long time to test products and try different brands and varieties. We have used the products that we sell and know they are high quality, durable and will last to give you the best finish.
  • Payment options: We offer you AfterPay and Lay-buy options so you can get building immediately, while you only pay your purchase off in four- or six weekly or fortnightly interest-free payments.
We can’t wait for you to start on your journey in model building, and we would love to share our knowledge and passion with you to make your models look their best and last for years.

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