Royal Australian Air Force

Aircraft of the RAAF use a variety of colour schemes, often changing during the life of the aircraft usually coinciding with system upgrades i.e. the F-111C, C-130H/J etc.  The C-130H and J had many schemes over the years and probably too many to go into here.   The H model used a three tone South East Asian (SEA) scheme for many years.  Some where painted in an overall dark green scheme and ended up in a single tone or dual tone Medium Grey scheme similar to the C-130J-30s that replaced them.  

The current C-130J-30 scheme is also one of several trialled over the past 15 years.  It is a two tone Medium Grey and Light Grey scheme.  Medium Grey upper fuselage and wings and Light grey under and belly in a wave form.

C-17 Globemaster III is an overall Gunship Grey scheme which is the standard USAF colour.

F-111C/RF-111C/F-111G were painted in a three tone SEA scheme when arrived with black underneath.  During their F-111 Digital Upgrade they were painted in overall Gunship Grey.

F/A-18A/Bs are a standard 2 tone scheme of Medium Blue Grey upper surfaces and Light Ghost Grey lower surfaces.   Thee have been several experimental schemes over the years of darker grey, however most airframes remain in the two tone scheme.

The F/A-18F and EA-18G aircraft are a slightly different scheme to the Classic Hornets and are painted in the standard USN two tone grey scheme of Dark Ghost Grey upper and Light Ghost Grey lower surfaces.

The new F-35A Lightning aircraft originally came out with a standard overall Gunship Grey scheme with the RAM panelling in Dark Gull Grey however now the aircraft is in full production most of the lighter coloured RAM panelling is being painted in the overall colour.  You will notice that the Gunship Grey has a slight metallic sheen to it with just areas of the tails, wings, horizontal stabilisers and fuselage have the lighter grey.  

F-35A Grey is FS36118 (Testors 1723 + 15% FS17178 Chrome/Tamiya XF-53 + 10% X-11)
F-35A Light Grey is FS36231 + 15% FS17178 Chrome/Tamiya XF-19 + 10% X-11 + 5% XF-1)
Medium Grey is FS35237 (Testors 1721/Tamiya XF-19 + 20% XF-18)
Dark Ghost Grey is FS36320 (Testors 1741/Tamiya XF-83 + 10% XF-2)
Light Ghost Grey is FS36375 (Testors 1728/XF-19 + 10% XF-2)
Light Grey is FS36495 (Testors 1732/Tamiya XF-19 + 50% XF-2)
SEA Tan is FS30219 (Testors 1742/Tamiya XF-52)
SEA Light Green is FS34102 (Testors 1713/XF-13 + 10% XF-4)
SEA Dark Green is FS34079 (Testors 1710/XF-58)
Gunship Grey is FS36118 (Testors 1723/XF-53 + 10% XF-18)
Black is FS37038 (Testors 1749/Tamiya XF-1)