Plastruct 95112 B3-8 3 Dia Bend for TB-8 (5)

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Bends or Elbows which can be used for all sorts of projects.   Pipelines, roll cages and anything else your imagination can think of for them.   Various pipe thicknesses and bend angles.


Use with Plastruct's Traditional Butyrate Round Tubing for piping systems found in industrial and commercial modelling, and for residential plumbing in doll house models. Also useful in model car roll cages, exhaust systems and scratch built chassis. Ideal for stimulating creativity in educational programs utilizing our D&T Packs. Fitting design allows temporary press-fit assembly, however final assembly must be cemented. Precision Injection Moulded in Butyrate Plastic.

The H Dimension represents the actual O.D. of the corresponding Tubing.

Sizes 6 through 24 are Injection Moulded in one solid piece. Sizes 28 through 40 are Injection Moulded in halves and assembled in a hollow form. Unusual configurations may be achieved by connecting several fittings together.

Elbow (Bends) style fittings are not available for TB-1 through TB-4 because TB-1 and TB-2 have wire cores, and TB-3 and TB-4 may be inserted with MIW insert wire to allowing bending.

Color: WHITE
Scale: ALL
Quantity: 1*5
Height in Inches: 1/4"
Height in MM: 6.4mm
Material: BUTYRATE

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