BQueen Resin 925g

BQueen Resin 925g

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Bqueen is a quick setting polyurethane resin which is champagne/translucent in colour. It has slight internal bubbles when set. Easy to hand sand and finish

Recommended for: Jewellery, Tinted Parts, Small Models, Props.
Potlife & Demould: Work time - 2 mins / Demould time - 15-30 mins
Hardness & Type: Shore D72 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 110cps

Bqueen can be sanded and polished to create beautiful resin jewellery pieces and is compatible with a wide range of the Barnes colourant range, including Polyurethane pigmentsPSTF dyes and Pearlex Powders. Bqueen also accepts a wide range of fillers for metal.

BQueen TDS


BQueen Part B SDS

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