VHH-36W 1-1/8″ HEMI HEAD FOR TB-36

VHH-36W 1-1/8″ HEMI HEAD FOR TB-36

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Use for vertical and horizontal tank ends when making storage tanks for oil processing plants, water, LP gas or food and grain. Great for school and craft projects, and home decor. Glue two together to make plastic spheres. Also great for eyes on puppets and robots. Precision injection Molded in Acrylic, ABS or Butyrate Plastic.

Domes which can be used for a variety of projects.

Color: WHITE
Scale: ALL
Height in Inches: 9/16"
Height in MM: 14.3mm
Length in Inches: 0.000
Width in Inches: 1-1/8"
Width in MM: 28.6mm
Material: BUTYRATE
Thickness in Inches: 15/16"
Thickness in MM: 23.8mm

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